How I Got into Real Estate By Accident: A Personal Story

Gerald never thought that he would end up in the real estate industry. However, fate had other plans for him. He had been working in a factory in Nebraska making valves for cars for 26 years when his friend Bill, who had researched the real estate industry and was convinced that it would be the job of the future, encouraged him to join him in taking classes to get a real estate license.

Gerald, who had never finished anything he started, was hesitant at first, but when Bill told him that the classes cost only $20, he decided to give it a try. Bill and Gerald had planned to attend a class at Front Range Community College, but when they found out that it was full, they decided to talk to the instructor, Jim Brown.

Jim assured them that the class was never full, and they could attend. With this, they started attending the class. However, it was only 80% through the class that someone mentioned that to be a broker, they had to take a test with 90 questions, whereas to be a sales agent, they had to take an 80-question test.

Gerald was not thrilled about the prospect of having to go through everything again, plus ten more questions. But the thought of having to take two tests when he could just take one and become a broker was not appealing either. So, he signed up for the broker’s test that same night, and the rest is history.

Gerald has now been in the real estate industry for over 26 years, and it all started by accident. He never knew that real estate would be his calling, but thanks to a chance encounter with his friend Bill, he found his way into the industry. Gerald’s story is a testament to the fact that sometimes the best things in life happen unexpectedly, and we need to be open to them.

In conclusion, sometimes life takes us on a path that we never anticipated, but we need to be open to new experiences and opportunities. You never know where it might lead you, and you might end up finding your calling in an industry that you never thought you would work in. So, always be open to new possibilities, and who knows, it might just change your life for the better.